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November 2015
Seattle for 1,000th Brewery Visit
February 2016
December 2016

The Year in Beer

In 2008, we embarked on the beer adventure of a lifetime. After declaring it the "Year in Beer" (There were even press releases to make it official), we spent the year going to a major beer event or destination each month. Several side trips also presented themselves early in the year. In all, we went on 15 adventures, including 10 destinations in the United States and 5 in Europe.

We chronicled our experiences on the website. Through our blog and episodes of beergeek.TV, fellow beer geeks and travelers were able to experience the Year in Beer as it happened. Now that the Year in Beer is over, you can read the blogs and watch all the episodes back to back or choose the destinations that appeal to you most.

The theme of our travels is always “the world becomes smaller and friendlier through beer” and that message became the mantra of the Year in Beer. With beer as a catalyst, we met people from various states and other countries. The Year in Beer transformed us in ways we never imagined. We grew as people and gained a new worldview. We are definitely better for having embarked on this amazing adventure.

In May 2012, Merideth published Teachings from the Tap: Life Lessons from our Year in Beer. It’s a humorous look at a couple spending their 19th year of marriage living their beer dream. The book is available at and

The year in Beer Summary
Great Alaska Beer & Barleywine Festival
in Anchorage, AK
Blog - Images - Herald Article - Video
Beerapalooza/Toronado Barleywine Festival in San Francisco, CA
Blog - Images - Herald Article - Video
St. Patrick's Day in Boston, MA
Blog - Images - Herald Article - Video
Seattle, WA
Blog - Images- Herald Article - Video
Franconia & Bergkirchweih Beer
Festival in Erlangen, Germany
Blog - Images - Herald Article - Video
Summer Solstice in Ireland
Blog - Images- Video
Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland, OR
Blog - Images - Video
Great British Beer Festival in London, England
Blog - Images - Video
Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
Blog - Images - Video
Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO
Blog - Images - Video
San Diego, CA
Blog - Images - Video
Belgium & the Netherlands
Blog - Images - Video