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Teachings from the Tap:
Life Lessons from our Year in Beer
by Merideth Canham-Nelson

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Teachings from the TapIn 2008, after nearly 20 years of visiting breweries as a hobby, Merideth Canham-Nelson and her husband Chris embarked on their most ambitious adventure yet: a year-long journey discovering the world through beer culture. Aiming to fulfill their fantasy of becoming professional beer travelers, the couple spent a year visiting a major beer event or destination each month. What started out as a lofty escapade turned into a year of Canham-Nelson’s self-discovery, conquering insecurities and coming into her own.

Narrated in the first person, Teachings from the Tap explores the journeys of each month and pairs those beer travel tales with a corresponding life lesson. The result is a detailed account with one-of-a-kind stories that cover the range of emotions created by interesting encounters and new experiences.

Press for Teachings From the Tap

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About the Author

Merideth Canham-Nelson is one of the most experienced female beer travelers in the world. For two decades, Merideth and her husband Chris have traveled the world together looking for the next great beer experience. Merideth has visited over 900 different breweries throughout the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Oceania.

Merideth’s beer adventures have been featured in print articles, including the Associated Press, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, The West Australian and the alternative travel website Radio interviews have aired in cities such as Phoenix, Greensboro, Milwaukee, Seattle and Cambridge, Ontario in Canada. She is well received by audiences for her casual approach to beer and is known for the catch-phrase “It’s good!” to describe a beer to her liking. As a female in the predominantly male world of craft beer, Merideth proudly calls herself a “girl beer geek.”

Anchorage, AK - Great Alaska Beer and Barleywine Festival | San Francisco, CA - Beerapalooza | Denver, CO - Beer Drinker of the Year Contest | Philadelphia, PA - Philly Beer Week | Boston, MA - St. Patrick's Day | Seattle, WA | Franconia, Germany - Bergkirchweih |
Ireland | Portland, OR - Oregon Brewers Festival | London, England - Great British Beer Festival | Munich, Germany - Oktoberfest | Denver, CO - Great American Beer Festival | San Diego, CA | The Netherlands & Belgium - Trappists and Kerstbierfestival

What People are Saying...
"It's written in a breezy easy-to-read
style and is a good place to get some perspective on some of the "big events"
of the beer world, if you haven't been fortunate enough to experience
them for yourself..."
Drinking on The Last Frontier

"Merideth does a terrific job of
transporting the reader to the
various places she visited through
insightful observations and
humorous tales, written in an
enjoyable, conversational style..."
Draught Lines

"This enjoyable read will resonate
with both travelers and beer lovers
alike. Each chapter will bring you
closer to mapping out a beer
adventure of your own..."
Draught Lines

Beer Advocate magazine

"Merideth and Chris take us on
a journey through the world's
beer culture, yes. But more
importantly it takes us on a
journey of self-discovery and
shows us what beer can do
when we allow it to work its
liquidy magic. Definitely worthy
of a spot on your bookshelf!"

"the author's ability to transport
the reader to the crowded, crazy
beer festivals as well as the cozy,
quiet pubs really breathe a lot of
life into the story. Cheers to a
fun and interesting read..."

"I've enjoyed every page and step
of the journey the BeerGeeks
take for the Year in Beer..."

"As part of a couple that loves beer,
and aspires to beer travel, this is an
incredibly entertaining read. Every
chapter has us wanting to travel
to the places they describe..."

"a great inspirational story
about following your dream..."

"You will want to crack open a beer,
and start planning and packing for
your next travel adventure, the
moment you put it down."

"What a wonderful story about
pursuing your dreams, and
exploring your life's passions!"

"Reading Merideth's book was like
being on the adventure with her."

"I found myself reminiscing about
past beer travels and inspired to
continue to seek out new beers!"

"I totally enjoyed Merideth and Chris'
Year-in-Beer travels and the entertaining way Merideth describes them in
Teachings From The Tap."

"Teachings From The Tap will be
enjoyed by craft beer aficionados
and those that simply enjoy
socializing with friends while
enjoying their favorite
hopped beverage."

"What a great read.
Can't put it down!"

"A great travelogue for beer lovers!"