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Bringing You the World One Pint at a Time...

We created beergeek.TV to give people an alternative view of travel; where good beer could stand alongside museums, castles and cathedrals as a must see or do. To that end, we show how, with a little knowledge and preparation, anyone can be a beer traveler. We want to promote the discovery and exploration of other cultures through beer and show that not only hardcore beer lovers can enjoy the experience.

Early episodes run from 4 to 7 minutes in length. More recent episodes run 14 to 18 minutes. The goal of beergeek.TV is to help the viewer experience the fun and enjoyment of being a beer traveler and hopefully inspire them to embark on their own beer adventures

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Canada Eh: the Atlantic Edition
Date Filmed: June 2013
Always looking for new beer adventures, we took the advantage of a trip to Maine to cross over into Maritime Canada to make a quick visit to Nova Scotia. Over five days, we watched the tides on the Bay of Fundy, experienced Halifax via an Urban Beer Hike and fell in love with beauty and charms of Cape Breton. Most importantly, we discovered a thriving beer scene on Canada's east coast.

Date Filmed: February 2013
Getting back to London to explore its fast growing beer scene was always something in the backs of our minds. With another brewery century-mark within reach, it seemed like the perfect time to return to British capital. With a whole week in the city, Merideth and I had a long list of beer-related and tourist things on our agenda. But with London's exploding beer scene we hardly found time to play normal tourist. And we only made a dent in our beer list.

Philly and Beyond
Date Filmed: April 2012
One of our lost episodes, we visited the Greater Philadelphia area for a long weekend in the Spring of 2012. It was mainly a trip to visit our friend Andie at Victory Brewing, but we took the opportunity to explore beyond the Keystone State. By traveling just a few hours we experienced the beer scenes in Delaware and Maryland, as well.

British Columbia Eh
Date Filmed: June 2012
Though we had visited British Columbia a number of times, we took the opportunity of a niece's wedding to explore the province's growing beer culture. During our trip, we traveled from Vancouver Island, up to Whistler, finishing in Vancouver. We experienced as much of the beer scene as possible in a quick week.

Our Happy Place
Date Filmed: September 2012
After a busy and stressful summer selling Teachings From The Tap, we badly needed a vacation. And we could think of no better place than our happy place: Germany. Starting in Franconia, we explored the countryside, as well as completed the Bamberg breweries. After a relaxing few days in Munich, we traveled south to the Bavarian Alps to drink beer, hike and go to the top of Germany.

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Episode 63 - Canada Eh: the Atlantic Edition
What People Say About beergeek.TV
"We returned to Munich this year after LOVING it last year. Before we traveled we watched your Munich segment and thanks to you found ourselves at Kloster Andechs. We're now back in California drinking Weissbier out of our Kloster Andechs weissbier glassware. Great tip and phenomenal beer..."
"I have thoroughly enjoyed Beer Geek TV. It even inspired my girlfriend and I to visit Bavaria last winter for the Christmas markets..."
"Your trip and video of Munich Oktoberfest was more help than I could ever hope for! My wife and I just got back from our first time and all I can say is I can't wait to go back! I have been to many Beer events, but none gave me a sense of apprehension like Munich Oktoberfest. I had heard tons of horror stories about all the bad things that Oktoberfest could be, but very little about the good. That was until I watched your trip video. And did I ever watch it! Probably 10 times! And every time, I felt a little more like, yes! this is something we can do! What a great party! The people, the tents, the food and of course the BEER were all excellent!

Thanks Beergeeks for helping us relax, knowing we could handle Oktoberfest and would definitely have a great time!"