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Beer Travel Resources

When we travel, there is a lot of planning involved and it's not just because we are not spur of the moment, drive into a town and find a hotel kind of people. Our pre-trip research mostly involves finding all the beer possibilities.

Here are some resources we have found helpful in planning the beer stops on our travels. - If you like beer and you like maps, then this site is for you. Based on Google's mapping technology, pinpoints beer related businesses. - They say they are the most complete source of brewery information worldwide and it’s a good site for trip planning. We use it mainly for European research. - All things Irish craft beer.
- Philadelphia wants beer travelers! Go to for all your Philadelphia travel planning. - A helpful site for getting an idea of the scope of Oktoberfest. We recommend the message boards if you have specific questions.

Private Braugasthof - The best of both worlds... hotels in Germany that have breweries! An index of small to medium sized hotels, mostly in Southern Germany, who also have a brewery. We have stayed at a number of them and have never been disappointed either in hotel accommodations or quality of beer. When planning your trip to Germany, we highly recommend you consult this site.

Qype, London Pubs Guide - Qype was founded in November of 2005 and since then has gone on to become the largest user-generated local review site in Europe. - A good resource for researching North American breweries and beer festivals.