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"The List"

We started keeping track of the breweries and brewpubs we visited in the early 1990s and at this point "The List" has a life of it's own.

There are three rules on how a brewery/brewpub qualifies for "The List":
1. The beer must be brewed on premise.
2. The beer must be consumed on premise.
3. Chain breweries only count once.

Exceptions are sometimes made and the Rules Committee is the final arbiter in all decisions regarding exceptions.

If you are interested in totals, here they are:
Chris: 889 / Merideth: 889

Brewery NameCityST/PRCountry
Boston Beer Co.Boston MAUSA
Boston Beer WorksBoston MAUSA
Boulder Beer CompanyBoulderCOUSA
Boulder Creek BrewingBoulder CreekCAUSA
Boundary Bay BreweryBellinghamWAUSA
Boxcar BrewingWest ChesterPAUSA
Brasserie de la BaieCourtilsFrance
Brasserie des 2 RivieresMorlaixFrance
Brasserie du Chant du LoupCanteleuFrance
Brasserie DupontTourpesBelgium
Brasserie HotteterreLa Couture-BoussyFrance
Brasserie O'NeilParisFrance
Brauerei BlanksZwiefaltendorfGermany
Brauerei Forst MeranoItaly
Brauerei FriedmannGrafenbergGermany
Brauerei GroschRodental Germany
Brauerei Hacklberg PassauGermany
Brauerei HirschWurmlingenGermany
Brauerei HoffmanGrafenbergGermany
Brauerei im FuchsenDusseldorfGermany
Brauerei KargMurnauGermany
Brauerei Kneitinger RegensburgGermany
Brauerei KonigsbacherKoblenzGermany
Brauerei KundmullerViereth-TrunstadtGermany
Brauerei MittenwaldMittenwaldGermany
Brauerei SchumacherDusseldorfGermany
Brauerei SpezialBambergGermany
Brauerei zum MalzmuhleCologneGermany
Brauerei zum StadtparkHockenheimGermany
Brauerei zur KroneTettnangGermany
Brauhaus am Waldschlossen DresdenGermany
Brauhaus an der Thomaskirche LeipzigGermany
Brauhaus FringsWhangereiNew Zealand
Brauhaus HellersCologneGermany
Brauhaus in RixdorfBerlinGermany
Brauhaus Joh. AlbrechtHamburgGermany
Brauhaus LemkeBerlinGermany
Brauhaus MitteBerlinGermany
Brauhaus NeustadtNeustadtGermany
Brauhaus Pirna zum GiesserPirnaGermany
Brauhaus SionCologneGermany
Brauhaus SudsternBerlinGermany
Brauhaus Weisses Haus'lLudwigshafenGermany
Brauhaus zu SpandauBerlinGermany
Brauhaus zum RitterSchwetzingen Germany
Brauhaus zur PostFrankenthalGermany
Bray's BrewpubNaplesMEUSA
Breakside BreweryPortlandORUSA
Breckenridge BrewingDenverCOUSA
Breconshire BreweryBreconWales

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