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June 2015
Ireland & Germany

"The List"

We started keeping track of the breweries and brewpubs we visited in the early 1990s and at this point "The List" has a life of it's own.

There are three rules on how a brewery/brewpub qualifies for "The List":
1. The beer must be brewed on premise.
2. The beer must be consumed on premise.
3. Chain breweries only count once.

Exceptions are sometimes made and the Rules Committee is the final arbiter in all decisions regarding exceptions.

If you are interested in totals, here they are:
Chris: 970 / Merideth: 968

Brewery NameCityST/PRCountry
Wild DuckEugeneORUSA
Wild RiverGrants PassORUSA
Wild Wolf BrewingNellyfordVAUSA
Winkler BrauLengenfeld Germany
Wm Evan Evans BreweryLlandeiloWales
Woinemer HausbrauereiWeinheimGermany
Wolf Creek BrewingSanta ClaritaCAUSA
Woodfour BrewingSebastopolCAUSA
Woods Bar & BreweryOaklandCAUSA
Working Man BrewingLivermoreCAUSA
Wormser HagenbrauWormsGermany
Wunder BrewerySan FranciscoCAUSA
Wynkoop BrewingDenverCOUSA
Yak and YetiArvadaCOUSA
Yaletown BrewingVancouverBCCanada
Yamhill BrewingPortlandORUSA
Yards BrewingPhiladelphiaPAUSA
Yolo BrewingWest SacramentoCAUSA
Yosemite BrewingMariposaCAUSA
Young Veterans BrewingVirginia BeachVAUSA
Youngs BreweryLondonEngland
Zero GravityBurlingtonVTUSA
Zum Kummert BrauAmbergGermany
Zwolf ApostelsFrankfurtGermany

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